Brandstadter and Erika Weiser Krakow Transport List

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Title: Brandstadter and Erika Weiser Krakow Transport List
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Brandstadter and Erika Weiser Krakow Transport List

This transport occurred on March 20, 1941 and was from Krakau-Stadt Lublin to Międzyrzec Podlaska. It was Transport # 66. On the list is "Brandstadter Heni geb. Weiser" and immediately below is her daughter "Weiser Erika."

The "geb. Weiser" next to the name of "Brandstadter Heni" would indicate that the "geboren" born/maiden name is "Weiser." This is probably wrong.

Erika Weiser after the war said that her mother's name was Brandstadter and that her father was "Michael Weiser." (She later named her first son "Michael."). Also, on the Protokoll Form that Hanni Brandstadter completed herself, she indicated that she was "gesch." The german word for divorced is "geschieden." It is sometimes abbreviated as "gesch."

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Erika Weiser
Erika Pasternak
Erika Klein
אסתר בת רי מאיר
December 25, 1916 (Kislev 30, 5677)
105 Leipzig, Germany
2 November 22, 1988 (Kislev 13, 5749)
33 71 New York, New York
Tuesday, July 19, 2022 3:33 AM
Hanni Brandstädter
Hanni Weiser
July 13, 1892 (Tamuz 18, 5652)
130 Kolomyia, Ukraine
1 estimated 1944 (5704)
78 51 Thursday, July 14, 2022 2:57 AM
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