Kalman Klein Montevideo Passenger List 1936

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Title: Kalman Klein Montevideo Passenger List 1936
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Kalman Klein Montevideo Passenger List 1936

This passenger list stands out because Kalman Klein's age is listed as 35. As this family's Kalman Klein was born on December 24, 1900, the age on the passenger list and the age by Kalman's birth record matches.

The nationality is listed as "Urug a o." Some letters are unintelligible. It could be Uruguayo - which would mean Uruguayan. Other passenger lists identify Kalman Klein as "Hungria" - which would be Hungary. So the question remains whether this Kalman Klein is our family's Kalman Klein or if there was an "Uruguayan Kalman Klein" who was born at around the same time. But we also know that there exists a Kalman Klein who traveled from Poland to Uruguay in 1930. And by then, Kalman Klein had definitely left home in Bilke.

Profession is listed as "comercio" - Business. Religion is listed as Catholic. Marital Status appears to be a "C" for Casado - married. But the letter is hard to see.

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