Deportation Record Of Kohn Tomash

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Title: Deportation Record Of Kohn Tomash
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Deportation Record Of Kohn Tomash

The translation of this Ukranian Language is:

KOHN, Tomash Mikulashevich, Born 28.10.1924, Pupil/Student, Deported 1944, Disappeared without news (trace) in the Fascist Concentration Camp

This record and translation was obtained from Sub Carpathia Genealogy Website. It is from a database that contains names of those Jews deported from Sub-Carpathia, mostly transliterated from Russian databases.

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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Tomas Kohn
Thomas Kohn
October 28, 1934 (Heshvan 19, 5695)
87 0 May 15, 1944 (Iyar 22, 5704)
78 9 Auschwitz
Sunday, February 6, 2022 3:21 PM
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