Postcard Miklos Kohn to Son Tomas Kohn

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Title: Postcard Miklos Kohn to Son Tomas Kohn
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Postcard Miklos Kohn to Son Tomas Kohn

In going through more family boxes of family memories, I found 2 postcards depicting scenes from Chust. One of the postcards has a message from Uncle Miklosh Kohn to Tomas. I sent the images to Genealogical Translations on Facebook and this is the response I received:

To Tamás Kohn, student in 3rd grade
Huszt, Rákóczi street 2
Hb [?], March 23rd
My dear ones, after a nice and uneventful journey I have arrived successfully. No changes here. I hope that you are calm under the circumstances. I have nothing to write about yet. Take care and have trust in the future. I have not seen the children of Uncle Burai [or Bursi / Buzai? hard to read] yet. No one has asked any questions anywhere, the connection to this place is good, as it has been before.
Kisses with love,
Miklós, Dad
Kisses to the old ones, [illegible word]

From other letters I found last night, it appears that Miklosh did some travel in the months before the Jews were rounded up in Chust where Nicholas and his family lived. They are longer and not something Facebook volunteers are likely to accept for translation. I will collect the letters and other cards I have and see if we can find what they say.

My thought as to the date is 1944, just before the horror began for our family. I do not know who Uncle Burai is nor do I know who his children could be. Miklosh had a brother but not a name starting with the letter B. The cards were printed in Budapest. I would not be surprised if Miklosh was there when he sent this card.


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