Hanni Brandstädter Deported To Poland From Leipzig Germany

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Title: Hanni Brandstädter Deported To Poland From Leipzig Germany
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Hanni Brandstädter Deported To Poland From Leipzig Germany

At the Stadtgeschichtliches-Museum in Leipzig, Germany, a Memorial Book was prepared for Jews Of Leipzig who were murdered by the Nazis. Hanni Brandstadter, my grandmother, is in that book.


From October 27 until October 29, 1938, the day before a Polish decree regarding the eligibility of passports was set to take effect, state authorities in Germany arrested approximately 17,000 Polish Jews and cancelled their German permits of residence. The Gestapo was easily able to locate those arrested through registration data and census files. After being arrested, thousands of Polish Jews were stripped of any personal property or money and put on trains. These trains brought the deportees to the Germany–Poland border. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1938_expulsion_of_Polish_Jews_from_Germany

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