Fred Cassel Auschwitz Registration

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Title: Fred Cassel Auschwitz Registration
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Fred Cassel Auschwitz Registration

Fred and Vera Cassel were close friends of my mother. Fred always had a smile on his face. His wife, Vera, was a very nice person. Häftlingspersonalbogen (prisoner registration forms) 1 through 331 for female prisoners at the women's camp at Auschwitz and Häftlingspersonalbogen 1 through 4,500 for male prisoners at the Auschwitz main camp. Each of the Häftlingspersonalbogen contains information about a particular Jew brought to Auschwitz from one of a number of locations in Europe, such as date of birth, place of birth, marital status, date of arrest, date of entry into the camp, nationality, occupation, religion, race, and physical appearance. [PRISONER REGISTRATION FORMS FROM AUSCHWITZ] (ID: 21303) USHMM

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